We are so glad you’re here!  Where is here? Here is a community of women who are learning to balance the pause with the hustle. We are wives, mothers, business women, teachers, students, creatives, thinkers, big dreamers, hard workers, adventure takers, and coffee connoisseurs. We are busy ladies and our days are full. But above all, we are passionate about these three things:

pursuing Jesus, protecting marriage, and practicing stewardship.

How do we do those well? We take SELAH seriously.

We pause to pray more + encourage more + meditate on Scripture more + snuggle more + breathe more + create more + anticipate Jesus more. And we pause to make sure our hustle is worth hustling for.

You are welcome here and we pray you find encouragement here.



The Lord has blessed us abundantly and walked with us + before us in all things. Everything we are, we owe to Him and His redeeming grace. Because of that, Jesus is the focus and the source of all that we do. He is the beginning and the end and all of the little details in between.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…” -Colossians 3:23


Marriage is a sacred and holy thing; it’s fun and it’s humbling and it is hard work. But above all, it has a purpose- to display the sacrificial love Jesus lavishes on His Church. We believe marriage is forever and is always worth the work it takes to protect it.


Everything from our health and our time to our talents and our home, we view it all as a gift with the responsibility to tend to it well- and we want to be wise with all that we’ve been given. Partly because we’re crazy plant ladies who love all things DIY, but mostly because we are pretty fond of the beautiful things the Lord has made.