Babes + Books

Babes + Books

One of my 2018 goals is to READ MORE. Who else has that on their “Habits to Cultivate This Year” list? I realize we’re almost six months into the year, but no better time than the present to push hard for those goals! If you’re nodding your head with me, then let’s do this together! We’re starting a virtual book club, called BABES + BOOKS, so we can pour over some pages together this year. We’ll be reading a selected book and discussing a chapter a week, but the threads will stay up so you can always come back to them if you happen to fall behind (no judgement, I’m usually that person!) Can you feel what I’m talking about… a close knit circle of ladies from all over the world, sipping their favorite drink, discussing some good literature… mmm, so good. Want to join the club? Click HERE to get connected!


First up is the new Sacred Holidays book, All the Feels. It’s a reflection on the emotions of motherhood; whether you’re counting down the days until you’ve got your own little, your home is full, or your nest is empty, this book is for you.

This book is part story and part reflection to help you realize that you are not alone in feeling All The Feels. Through story, Scripture, and reflection questions, you will find freedom to feel All The Feels and live more confident today in whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself. -from Sacred Holidays

Have recommendations for a future read? Let us know!