How To

Selah looks like many things and we want it to be what you need it to be in each moment. But that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you hanging! We’ll fill this space with practical ways you can PAUSE throughout your hustle, along with loads of encouragement and maybe, just maybe, we can be the push you’ve been needing to refocus your lifestyle. Sound like a plan?


If you need a place to start, here are some ideas:
-choose a day of the week to take intentional time to pray for a specific cause (maybe your marriage or your coworkers, your goals or your struggles). Whatever that is, make it a date between you and the Lord and don’t schedule anything else during that time.
-buy a good ole’ alarm clock and plug your phone in far away at night. Then you can spend time reading and letting your mind unwind before you sleep.
-plant a potted herb garden for your kitchen. You’ll save money and release some stress while caring for your green babies.
-ask someone if you can be a source of encouragement to them. Pouring into others is a great way to keep your heart + mind focused on selflessness.

If you want to share the ways you are practicing selah, use #selahtuesday to connect with the Selah Sisterhood.