Well hi! I’m going in for that never-met-you-but-I-can-tell-we’ll-be-friends kind of hug because I’ve got to break the ice somehow and let’s face it, our friendship is inevitable. At least that’s what I hope you feel here, a sense of belonging and camaraderie, as we navigate the Selah seas (btw, no shame in my cheesy phrase game).

I spent my childhood years between Wisconsin + Iowa + Florida before meeting my husband, Vincent in 2013. He’s tall, dark, and handsome (literally… 6’1″, Filipino, and I mean, look at him). We married in 2016, and have since brought two boys into the world, Caelan and Jettson. We are currently living in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri.

While working on my Philosophy degree, I studied and practiced the arts as a communication tool. You’ll often find me pointing to creative outlets as we interact with our Creator and the world around us in purposeful + intentional ways. Because I love anything that gets those artsy juices flowing!

I also love:

my coffee black + dancing like a madman + strawberry cupcakes + decorating our home + reading good books + chunky knit blankets + sushi + the color yellow + houseplants + essential oils + scarves and booties + the free snacks after running a 5k + chinese food + thrift stores + road trips + making lists + morning sunlight + trying new recipes + planning parties + comfy pajamas + bold lipstick.

But above all, I love Jesus. He saved me from a life of eternal separation from the Father, which I fully deserve, by taking my place on Calvary. I pray every word from my lips + work of my hands is to the glory of the King.

Selah Tuesday is the result of a decade-long dream that has *slowly* been formed and shaped into being. It has been prayed over, cried over, angered over, and started over, but know that it is a raw, honest, and open invitation to you daily. Because those prayers all these years have, in a way, been for you too.

All that to say… welcome! It’s so nice to meet you, friend!

XOXO, Eryn