Helllooo! We’ve launched this little community into the big, wide internet world! But it’s not meant to stay behind the screen- it’s supposed to be applied + practiced + and shared face to face. And there I go getting ahead of myself! First things first, WELCOME! Go explore this space and get your first taste of Selah Tuesday in all its quirky, cozy glory. Check out what we’re about, who we are, and how you can join the Selah Sisterhood. Go ahead, I’ll wait…


Okay, what do you think? I hope we tugged on something inside of you that’s dreaming of a change. Maybe that’s a change of pace or a change of purpose or maybe you don’t know what you want to change, but something’s gotta go. Hey, that’s okay too! Because my prayer is that whatever is stopping you from living a life laced with selah would be identified and then released. The weight of your identity, your purpose, and the Father’s glory are too important to be stuck on the back burner.

This community, these words, and you, dear friend, have been prayed over and poured into since 2012. I didn’t know what this would look like or who you would be, but I knew I was supposed to be here. And after years of nerves, foggy dreams, a few tears, and a lot of grace, I’m here and Selah Tuesday is officially LAUNCHED!

I’m beyond thankful that you’re here too. Follow along so you don’t miss a beat because we’ve got lots of good things coming your way!

XOXO, Eryn Marie